Director, cinematographer, camera operator and photographer Stefano Canavese

Beschreibung der Tätigkeit

Berlin-based director, cinematographer, camera operator and photographer searching for a highly creative and forward-looking environment to work in.

Since I was 13 years old, I have had the privilege to relentlessly experiment with the media of cinema, photography, graphic design and music – especially in the countries where I lived: Canada, Italy and Ireland.
I chose Berlin to be my new home not only because of how cosmopolitan and energetic it is, but also for its aesthetic qualities and music scene, which are perfect requisites for the cinematic project I developed in the last five years.

As my end goal here is to direct feature films, I am currently looking for a (part-time/full-time/on-call) occupation, but also for occasions to collaborate/exchange resources with like-minded artists/organizations.

What I can provide is the ability to produce a music video, advertisement, social media content or cinematic content from pre to post-production (either with a large team or individually), but also photography and graphic design services.

I am especially seeking for a place where all the ideas I have developed in the last few years can keep growing and eventually see the light of day.

Please find my showreel:, where you will get an overall idea of what I can produce as a director, cinematographer, editor and colourist without the filter of my more personal and specific aesthetic that I am currently developing.

For my resume, where you can read my story, learn about the awards I won and how long I put my skills into practice for:

For photography samples, please contact me.

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