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As a multidisciplinary designer my services include:

  • CONCEPTION (Animations & Branding)
  • DESIGN (Branding, Illustration)
  • ANIMATION (2D & 3D).


  • MOTION DESIGN: 2D & 3D Animation, Title Sequence Design, Broadcast Graphics, Advertising, Motion Templates, Online Videos etc. Motion (Graphic) Design is combining pictures, footage, illustrations, 3D & 2D animations, typography and sound, resulting in a highly engaging technique of communication and entertaining
  • EXPLAINER VIDEOS: Produkt Informations, User Guides, Presentations, Event Teasers etc. Explaining your product or service to someone new can be a challenge. By creating an Explainer Video you are able to take complex concepts & content and make them as accessible and entertaining as possible for your clients.
  • BRANDING: Logo Design, Print & Digital Layout, Icons, Illustrations, etc. A good Corporate Design helps companies to build a strong and highly distinctive visual identity. This includes static content like: Logo Design, Typography & Illustrations as well as moving content such as Logo Animations, Motion Design & Interactive Design.


  • Adobe CC (After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, Indesign)
  • Cinema 4D / Octane Rendering
  • Matchmoving / Tracking Software
  • Photoscan, ZBrush (Basics)
  • Substance Designer / Painter (Basics)


Motion & Design
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