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Cloud Explainer video

Animated Promotional Videos are widely being used today by Cloud solutions to educate and drive call to action. These promotional videos are used by Cloud platforms in different ways based on their marketing strategies. Some of the most common use case are :

Overview video of the cloud platform
Landing page video
Product demo video
Getting started videos, once the user is onboarded
How to videos
Youtube Promo / Promotional videos…


Landing page demo video

You are here because you are serious about 2 things Landing page and Explainer videos. All marketers and content marketing experts talk about how landing page can be better synced online with a website visitor’s expectations. Videos are used on landing page to quickly communicate value propositions or product features.
So, if you are contemplating on using Explainer videos on your website landing page, you might be thinking about these questions:

What should be the video tonality and suitable length


CRM Software video

A CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool is used by businesses to organize and act on relevance. Mapping conversations, data and expectations from past helps draw a plan for future. CRM Tools & software have rapidly transformed from mobile CRM to smart CRM.
Customer Relationship Management software providers are continuously evolving their offering to customize their solution for the modern workforce. Few are built for small business with limited functions others are for enterprise with a host of…


Customer Service Software video

Businesses today face customer queries from numerous sources. The response time expected today for resolving customer support requests is shrinking everyday. Online businesses with a well laid out plan for handling customer support requests have seen significant edge over competition.

Helpdesk & Customer support tools are helping businesses understand and connect with their users to build more effective products. Support tickets, feedback forums, knowledge bases and metrics are all featured integrated…


Cloud security video

Cloud has given us the freedom and flexibility to work the way we want. For IT and network administrators the management of cloud environments to deliver a safe and great user experience is vital. We know terms shadow IT, zero day attack, Ddos attack, malware etc, some of us may even have felt the effects. The rise of cloud computing and big data is blurring virtual boundaries catalyst effect played by increasing mobile enterprises,among others.

The cloud security space itself is undergoing an intense…


Broadcast Monitoring Video

Today how we consume TV and Radio content is evolving at a rapid pace. From multiple screens to delivery mechanism like over IP etc, the industry is in constant transition. Broadcasting has gone from to few to many and so as how content is distributed and monitored today.

Broadcast monitoring software & solutions helps deliver easier, more comprehensive enterprise-wide system monitoring. With faster access to individual device data saves time during troubleshooting it contributes to lower operating…


mobile promo video

With the number of apps we use daily increasing we are more and more getting app savvy everyday. We use all kinds of apps entertainment, productivity, utility and more. On the other hand when it comes to an App developer or App marketer the task of getting noticed among millions of apps is quiet a challenge.

App promo or App promotional videos are used by many companies to connect with the user and pitch the benefits all in 30−60 seconds. Promo videos of apps significantly increase downloads. Each app is…


Social Media Monitoring video

For marketers social media conversations and making meaning out of it is of immense priority. Whether you are looking to understand and measure Brand awareness, perception, sentiment, engagement or more Social Monitoring Tools are making this possible today.

When a company invests in social media analytics they make sense of their investments and efforts. These solutions can help collect data, take decisions, keep cost under control and more. Marketers use all sort of social monitoring cloud and software…


Cloud Management Videos

Cloud is making life easier for developers and end business users both. We use them so often today that we do not feel the difference between on premise and cloud based applications. But when there is a downtime, we do realize it. There is panic and we want IT or Third party to fix it immediately.

Cloud Management Platforms help public and private cloud providers manage their infrastructure. Cloud management is complex today as the cloud environments is continuously changing and are becoming more…


Construction Management Videos

Construction is a complex business and if you are handling multiple projects at the same time it can be very tasking. Construction management and planning software can help collect data, take decisions, keep cost under control and more.

Construction industry uses all sort of cloud and software construction solutions, but which ones match best for your practice needs to be fine tuned. With so many kind of businesses and construction professionals what type of construction software will suit them best…


Web builder software videos

Websites are like life blood for a business today. Creating a website, managing it and making it work for your business requires expertise. With the current technology development its no longer needed to hire web agencies and studios to create great looking websites.

With website builder software and online website builder platforms now entrepreneurs can create website on their own. With so many variety of online businesses today, one has to find the right website builder to meet his functionality…


Media monitor video

Publishing companies, media houses and TV stations are facing new questions today, Companies are using big data and audience intelligence to create & promote relevant media content. There are various aspects how a business can use media monitoring solution to gain competitive edge such as market intelligence, media benchmarking & auditing etc. <a…/>Media monitor video</a>

Media monitoring…



Bildagentur sucht Illustratoren

Die Artothek ist als deutsche Bildagentur spezialisiert auf Gemälde und andere Werke der bildenden Kunst. Seit über 30 Jahren bedienen wir den Bildermarkt und beliefern unsere Kunden aus Redaktionen, Verlagen und Werbung mit Bildmaterial. Ausführliche Informationen zu unserer Agentur finden Sie auf unserem Profil oder auf unserer Website.
Aktuell planen wir, unser bisheriges Bildangebot durch zeitgenössische Illustrationen zu erweitern. Daher sind wir auf der Suche nach kreativen Illustratoren, die…


Buntspecht macht auch Ihre Firma eindrucksvoll und farbig

Buntspecht Grafikdesign, eine Werbeagentur, die beeindruckt und Spuren hinterlässt –
eindrucksvoll. ausdrucksstark.

Treu diesem Motto bietet Buntspecht Grafikdesign das gesamte Spektrum der Marktkommunikation. Das Portfolio erstreckt sich von strategischer Beratung über Printkreation bis Online-Medien. Die Agentur betreut Großkunden, KMUs, Vereine und NGOs sowie Jungunternehmer und Firmengründer und bieten für jedes Budget die passende Lösung.

Ganzheitlich kommuniziert Buntspecht Grafikdesign für Sie in…

Matthias Bode

Matthias Bode

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