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Boris Jaime Friedel

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  • Collage Poet of Africa
  • Kalahari Salz mit Genussnomade Stefan Wiertz
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Dieser Film ist ein klassisches Beispiel eines INFO COMMERCIALS.
The German German Chef Stefan WIERTZ provided a good contrast to the Southern African Nomadic people, called KHOI SAN.
The experience and willingness to live off a dessert, where most people only see sand, made an interesting mix to learn what we can eat in the Kalahari Dessert. The pure Salt of the Dessert was used to create meals, classic for the region. As salt makes thirsty, the film was complemented with the freshness of a cider and a liqueur based on the Southern African Amarurla fruit.

The film was shot in South Africa.

sharing is caring
Collage Poet of Africa
Kalahari Salz mit Genussnomade Stefan Wiertz
Katjusha Films

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