500 lbs. Creative Gorilla
Kenneth Shinabery

  • 500 lbs Creative Gorilla
  • My original photo from the Bronx Zoo.
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In 2010, I entered Adobe’s 5 Weeks of 5 Competition. The competition was run in conjunction with the release of Adobe CS5. My entry was selected as a winner of the Week 1 portion of the competition.

The Prorject…
The idea started out with a photo of a Gorilla that I had taken at the Bronx Zoo. Like most of my projects I try to avoid stock images.

My next step was to create the text. I decided to base the copy on the old question and answer…
Q: „What do you get a 500lbs Gorilla?“
A: „What ever he wants!“
In this case the question and answer was…
Q: „What do you get a 500lbs Creative Gorilla?“
A: „Whatever he wants! Unleash your innner Gorilla!“

The idea is that Photoshop allows its users to let loose their true innner creativity. Next to the anwer I added a picture of CS5.

Now, how to make the Gorilla in the photo a little more creative. I decided that using bright colors to make our garantuan more creative bring together the concept.

I decided that I also wanted to make the colors of the background pop more in the photo so I gave them a HDR effect.

Here is the final piece and the original photograph.

500 lbs Creative Gorilla
Kenneth Shinabery
My original photo from the Bronx Zoo.
Kenneth Shinabery

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