Cityscape V1.1
Kenneth Shinabery

  • city
  • brownstone 2
  • subway station
  • store front
  • Post Office
  • kiosk—news stand
  • coffee shop
  • Coney Island High Club
  • laundromat
  • cathedral
  • bodega
  • brownstone
  • city in Adobe Illustrator
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The idea behind this project was to create a simple cityscape that could be used in an animation featuring various types of characters.

If you are from NYC, you will notice a few things that are tributes to the city… especially if you have lived there for years! For instance there is a store in my cityscape with the name “Patricia in a Field” and a club called “Coney Island High” which features the names of real bands who played at the original club. If you follow my work you will recognize the coffee shop logo from another one of my projects for Wacom.

The entire city was created using Adobe Illustrator on a Cintiq Companion 2, thus it is very easy to change the colors and structures of buildings. Also if used in Adobe Animate one could create a city where characters could be interacted with. So there are many possibilities on how it this backdrop could be utilized.

Kenneth Shinabery
brownstone 2
Kenneth Shinabery
subway station
Kenneth Shinabery
store front
Kenneth Shinabery
Post Office
Kenneth Shinabery
kiosk—news stand
Kenneth Shinabery
coffee shop
Kenneth Shinabery
Coney Island High Club
Kenneth Shinabery
Kenneth Shinabery
Kenneth Shinabery
Kenneth Shinabery
Kenneth Shinabery
city in Adobe Illustrator
Kenneth Shinabery

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