Natascha Niebauer
Freeance Print- & Digital Designer


Über Natascha Niebauer


I’ve worked with a wide range of diverse clients, from small companies to large, global brands, allowing me to significantly broaden my skill-set and market knowledge. I have about 5 years experience in advertising production, working with such clients as Red Bull, FC Arsenal, Boden, Comic Relief, Wings for Life World Run, Virgin Active and many more.

I began my career in digital design and retouching but changed my focus on print design (70% print and 30% digital). I am an expert in creative production covering multiple formats encompassing both Digital and Print.

  • WHY ME

I’m a multidisciplinary Freelance Mid-Weight Graphic Designer based in London (UK) and Salzburg (Austria). I am easy to work alongside whether designing in-house or from my studio at home.

I work with a high sense of responsibility with clients and I am very confident
working on my own, while always having a friendly outlook and positive nature.

I am well-known as a team player and I offer excellent organisation skills combined with creative drive and and challenging myself as a designer.


» Editorial design (magazines, brochures and flyers)
» Corporate Design (logo, stationary)
» Creative artworking
» Infographic design
» Powerpoint presentations
» Digital online banners
» Landing pages (UI/UX)


Freeance Print- & Digital Designer
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