Photography, Film and Video Location and Entertainment Agency with on-site Stylists, Interior Decoration and Couture Costumiery



Über Prangsta

Prangsta is based in New Cross, S.E. London.

Multi-faceted: as a Costumiers, as Indepedent Designers, as Interior Decorators, a Dressmaking Class, as a Film and Video location and as Prangsta Boudoir, staged at many a festival and event including Bloomsbury Ballroom, La Rivoli, Secret Garden Party, Camp Bestival and Bestival.

The scenery shimmers, not all is as it seems.
Prangsta is an open book, beloved of many a stylist
Prangsta is a creative coven, full of characters
Prangsta is a treasure trove, spilling with ideas
Prangsta is covered in gold and glitter, the SHOW WILL GO ON!
The doors open to reveal...

Shelves laden with top hats, walls aching with wanton show girl costumes, venetian masks, pearly strands, debauched photographs, a ceiling that drips with many heavy chandeliers. Dickensian ensembles pinned high up on the walls. The mannequin throws your a sultry stare as you enter, she is garbed in molten silver beads, painted as a Harlequin clown, she spins a roulette wheel...

Who will you be tonight? A harlot? A vagabond? A pirate? An angel? A magician? A viking? Oh, Mr Darcy there you are!

As an Agency and as a Circus Show: we have The Ringmaster! Showgirls, Jugglers, Aerial Performance, Clowns, Dancers, Hula Hoop Girls, Funambulists, Gypsy Minstrels, Fiddlers, Mime, Freakshows and Fire Eaters. Unrivalled in their performance and unsurpassed in their vintage and couture costumiery – this entertainment really is Enchanting...

Founded in 1998 by St Martin’s fashion graduate Melanie Wilson; ingenious and eccentric; Prangsta is a butterfly beating its wings against the spectral, slavish fashion industry.

Each piece is lovingly crafted, recycling the remnants of vintage fabrics, waving a wand over rags and turning them into resplendent costumes rich with detail and perfectly fitted. Prangsta costumes are art pieces, the heritage of days when people paid to know the provenance of their clothes. On-site stylists and an abundance of authentic props make Prangsta an ideal location for various kinds of theatrical film work.

Prangsta has a studio in Deptford where these dreams are actualised and a shop in New Cross, please call to discuss ideas on 020 8694 9869.


Photography, Film and Video Location and Entertainment Agency with on-site Stylists, Interior Decoration and Couture Costumiery
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