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Amazon Prime Video Brazil: how to utilize the fundamental capacities?

Stage 1. While resting the mouse pointer on the front of a title, a concise rundown of the work is shown. In a similar edge, it is conceivable to replicate the substance or add it to your own rundown. To see more alternatives, click on the front of the film or arrangement;

Stage 2. The creation screen shows data about accessible cast, type, captions and voiceovers. To watch the title, click on the blue video playback symbol;

Stage 3. The player screen shows choices in the upper right corner of the screen. There, you can adjust or include captions, get to settings, increment the volume and enact full screen mode. To see more alternatives, click on „Choices“;

Stage 4. The choices uncover the decision of video quality. Note that every alternative shows the measure of information devoured every hour. You can utilize this data to design the video as indicated by your web plan;

Stage 5. Still in the player, there is the alternative „See all“ in the upper left corner of the screen;

Stage 6. By tapping on „See all“, photographs of the cast will be introduced. Snap on one of the entertainers to get to more subtleties;

Stage 7. Snap on the on-screen character’s photograph to get to his memoir. To continue, click on the „Music“ choice in the segment bar;

Stage 8. The „Music“ page shows the name of the tracks on the title’s soundtrack and the areas where the tunes are played in the arrangement or film;

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