Smart LED TV

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Challenger has been known for providing innovative and affordable products to its customers since 1996. We are a consumer electronics and smart manufacturing company with Radios, Smart LED TV, FULL HD TV, Smart Quantum Dot LED TVs integrated with Iot technology. Embracing our vision of“Making users as friends and being the coolest company in the consumers’ hearts”, Challenger continuously pursues innovations, high-quality user experience, and operational efficiency. We try our best to produce the best products with very low pricing so that everyone enjoys a better life through innovative technology.

Challenger is one of India’s growing companies. We create innovative, stylish, state-of-the-art products and support them with our extended warranty and fast customer services and support that is designed to make life easy and hassle-free. Whether you need owner’s manuals, parts, and accessories, warranty information, you’ll find Challenger Support executives for your help and everything else you need is just a few clicks away. We are committed to providing excellent audio-video products to our customers at the most competitive prices. Our operating system provides pre-loaded applications with all the apps and other digital content and we also give access to the consumer to customize the applications into their devices. If they want to update or install applications they can do it with the help of an application store, it is like a smartphone with all integrated applications.

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