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Joao Costa

Costa, Joao


Greetings people,

I’m a photographer looking to expand my portrait portfolio. Until today I was more dedicated to photo-journalism but I’m trying to sdo some more work in commercial, portrait and product photography..

Meanwhile I need new faces to photograph. We can walk around for some hours looking for nice set ups and also do some window natural light photography at my place or yours, we will need a big window and clear background. Looking for all ages and both male and female. For parents who would like some photos of their kids come along, wannabe models looking for nice shots for a portfolio would be great too and any random person looking for some cool portaits, I’m sure we can work something out.

This is a non-paid collaboration, you give me some of your time, and I’ll give you all the photos we do on the highest resolution. Send me a basic photo of your face so I can prepare the photoshoot before we meet.

Wednesday till Friday are the best days for me.

You can see my work at joaocostaleao.wix.com/jcl and also on my instagram feed : instagram.com/jcl_fotografia.

Joao Costa Leao

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