Michael Ackerman Masterclass in April 2019

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During this 3 days masterclass, Michael Ackerman will share with you his instinctive and visionary approach to photography.

His method doesn’t follow tradition, it is not a simple chronicle of events. The pace of his photography is closer to cinematography than traditional documentary photography: images used in sequences, different formats, pictures that appear «wrong», images used as links between other images; all used to compose an essay that does not value where or when the pictures were made but rather attempts to capture a deeper emotional and spiritual truth of the subject.

The goal of this workshop is to challenge, inspire and help each other get deeper into the territory that we are exploring as photographers.

Michael Ackerman has a radical approach and wants you to be radically honest with yourself. He makes you focus on meaning and expression, rather than form and technique. It is about feeling free to search, experiment, break borders, make mistakes, take emotional risks, all towards the goal of getting closer to ourselves.

6. April 2019 | 11:00 – 19:00 Presentation of Michael Ackerman’s work and story | First get to know each other of the participants and their work in the form of a group discussion

7. April 2019 | 11:00 – 19:00 Into depth review of the participants’ portfolio in the form of a group discussion. Michael Ackerman will give each participant assignments for the next months.

3rd Day | We will establish together a new meeting date for the final evaluation. Who could not participate personally will get an online (Skype, or E-Mail) review by Michael Ackerman.


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