Elita All-In-One Glass Top Standing Desk

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Deskww, Deskww


We bought the adjustable height desk www.fezibo.com/collections/height-adjustable-desk in the lighter colored wood on top, white metal, and it’s 2 tiers plus the keyboard pullout. We have had the desk for a few weeks and love it. It’s quite expensive (at least in our opinion) for a desk, but I’m glad we went with the white metal over black. I wish that there was a choice of light colored wood with less wood grain, so it looked more Bohemian than rustic. We didn’t use customer services but it’s making me rate.
The standing desk www.fezibo.com/collections/standing-desk has exceeded my expectations. I did a lot of research before this purchase. It is a little more than others but worth the money. I got the 63” which is wide enough to fit 2 monitors, a laptop and a small printer. Having a little storage under them is great. Gives me plenty of work space around the keyboard. Moves up and down easily and quietly. I would buy this again.

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