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Licht Designer, Product Designer. M.Des

I am a highly creative Industrial Designer, academic (M.Des), experienced in the production and management of design projects, from the initial conceptual idea to the manufacturing and marketing of a final product (including graphics and packaging). My main expertise…

Sivan Naar
45130 Essen
08.05.2018 (aktualisiert )

(Junior) PR/Management Consultant

  • Homeoffice möglich

…my knowledge of the media industry by working with publishers, artists and journalists on a daily basis. My area of responsibility included among other tasks, preparing and editing social media/marketing campains for our clients and organizing events, interviews and…

Catharina Poncza
Catharina Poncza
12043 Berlin
05.10.2020 (aktualisiert )


…tv series, but do not have a good script, or need someone to shape up your script, or if you have some ideas in mind and need someone to make a screenplay out of your ideas, I am your man. Also, I can help you to bring your script to the industry standards and make…

Shahin K.taher
Shahin K.taher
22525 Hamburg
15.02.2019 (aktualisiert )

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