Professional Web Visibility with Passion (Online-Präsenz Dt&Eng) Sebastian Pütz

Beschreibung der Tätigkeit

„Visibility invites your worth and value into the world“

With your website you and your products/services will be visible all over the world. You are taking a professional stand for what you love. So it should look professional and also hearty. It should look and feel like you (or at least like your products/services)

My passion is to translate messages and missions of passionate people into a professional web visibility (website). A communication platform that works 24/7 in your favors and for your goals…

„Visibility is vulnerability.“

Being visible (maybe even for the first time) can go along with insecurity, doubt or even fear. Let’s invite all of your inner processes into the creation and make them being in service instead of being in the way.

Lets talk about your professional web visibility!

Send me a mail or WhatsApp and tell me about your wishes ad visions.
I am curious!

Much Love,
Sebastian Pütz

PS: a short glimpse into my references you’ll find in the linked pdf document.

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