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Erin Laurel Hayhow

Passionate, hardworking and imaginative—an emerging artist with creative skills in photography, design, writing, advertising and styling looking for work in the creative industry

12047 Neukolln Berlin

Ilan Yona

Compositing artist and 3D generalist with over 10 years’ experience specializing in After Effects, Maya and 3D Studio Max. Proficient in working with all widely used content creation tools (Vector, 2D and 3D).

10999 Berlin

Dan Wesker

I’m a trained photographer, but a bit of an all rounder. On my rounds I’ve learnt photoshop, In Design, ran a gallery and now do voice-over work, (for the last ten years), and teach photography at the University of Mittweida for the last three.

04105 Leipzig

Poison GmbH

Wir denken in Filmen. Wir fühlen in Worten. Wir suchen die Augenblicke. POISON Berlin.

10405 Berlin

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