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K2 & Partner GmbH

HR/Executive Search/Unternehmensberatung

40212 Düsseldorf
13.08.2009 (aktualisiert )

Searchmetrics GmbH

SEO, Search- und Social-Analytics-Software, Online-Marketing

10405 Berlin
01.11.2011 (aktualisiert )


UBERALL is a young and ambitious B2B technology startup building a revolutionary SaaS-platform for local businesses large and small to manage their online identity across all relevant local search platforms through a single and easy-to-use interface.

10115 Berlin
17.10.2012 (aktualisiert )

Kerstin Flügge

Unternehmensberatung: Business Consulting und Executive Search

65193 Wiesbaden
13.02.2014 (aktualisiert )

Discavo GmbH

DISCAVO is your hotel comparison site that supports your search for the ideal hotel in a prime location – at the best prices.

10999 Berlin
01.07.2014 (aktualisiert )

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