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Hack&Craft was founded to bring product visions to life. We are product engineers who believe that the key to a great product is close collaboration between project managers, designers, developers, branding experts and product visionaries.

10247 Berlin


Marketplace matching projects and first-class, independent consultants and industry experts.

10115 Berlin

Solytic GmbH

SOLYTIC builds intelligent technology for the global PV market. With financing from Vattenfall, we’re already regarded by industry experts as ground-breaking.

10115 Berlin

Nicky Thomas

Call it the best of both worlds. Outsourced IT Managed Services with 24/7 access to experts for peace of mind. We provide all clients access to our 24×7 Help Desk Services, manned by a team of trained

08854 New Jersey

Ipi GmbH

Als Digital Workplace Experts gestalten wir die digitale Zusammenarbeit unserer Kunden.

91586 Lichtenau

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