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For Better Health

About Us Through 24 years working with special needs and 22 years training in and practicing mental health counseling, I have learned that, as important as psychology and psychiatry are as resources, not every situation requires extensive talk therapy.

98662 Vancover

Lea Ravnjak

Communication expert with several years of experience in PR, advertising and fashion

10405 Berlin

Ilan Yona

Compositing artist and 3D generalist with over 10 yearsexperience specializing in After Effects, Maya and 3D Studio Max. Proficient in working with all widely used content creation tools (Vector, 2D and 3D).

10999 Berlin

Anastasija Simakova

Multilingual Young Professional Analyst with two yearsexperience in the highly demanding Corporate Finance industry.

80634 Munchen

tyntec GmbH

With over ten years experience in the telecommunications industry, our core competency is to enable the easy integration of three key telco services – SMS, voice and mobile numbers – to our customers.

81379 München

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