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Vivy (Uvita GmbH)

mobile-first digital health platform

10117 Berlin
15.11.2017 (aktualisiert )


Marketplace matching projects and first-class, independent consultants and industry experts.

10115 Berlin

ShowHeroes GmbH

ShowHeroes provides publishers with a one-stop-solution to Mobile First Video Strategies, ranging from video content production to player technology and distribution.

10115 Berlin

Deposit Solutions

We are Deposit Solutions, the first and only Open Banking platform for deposits.

20354 Hamburg
11.09.2019 (aktualisiert )

Rocketlingo UG

The first language-learning app made for the tongue, not the thumb

80687 München

Filippo Bandinelli

I regard sports first and foremost as entertainment

38115 561 Burton Avenue

Artory GmbH

Artory’s blockchain-based Registry tracks provenance for art and collectibles, leveraging the industry’s first object-oriented database.

10999 Berlin
01.10.2019 (aktualisiert )

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