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Über 4k animation GmbH

4K Animation GmbH was founded on the 27th September 2000 with its registered office in the centre of Berlin.

4K focuses on the development and production of innovative digital special effects and 3D character animation for film and TV productions.

4K has a pool of talented and creative animation specialists who have long term experience and technical know how in the field of computer graphics and programming for film, TV and advertising.

4K has a performance spectrum that ranges from client specific services in the pre-production phase, such as scripting, conceptual design and storyboarding, over production services, such as on-set supervision and 3-D character animation, to digital special effects and compositing for classical post production.

4K guarantees professional client support service both at home and abroad, due to extensive international production experience as a result of participation in large film projects.

Samples of our work and further information on our company are also available on this web page. References can be supplied on request.


2D, 3D & Sfx
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