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Ahmad Rihawi

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My name is Ahmad Rihawi and I’m a creative designer with a passion for finding smart solutions for difficult design challenges.

After completing my degree as a graduated graphic designer in Syria, I have specialized in DTP & prepress at Agfa system.
During the course of my career life I was able to prove my competence, outstanding teamwork skills and leadership qualities.

At the beginning of 2005 I founded my own advertising agency:

Corporate Design, Print Design, Web Design, Packaging Design.
Product Photography, Image Retouching and Editing.
Campaign Development, Advertising, Product Brochures.
In 2016 after the successful termination of the traineeship at SAP in the Customer Engagement & Commerce department, I have got the job as an Art Director at SNK GmbH in Munich and I am still responsible for SAP Brand Management.

As a creative designer with many years of professional experiences, I have mastered using the graphic programs such as Adobe Creative Cloud and MS Office applications. Nevertheless, I also have a very good knowledge in HTML, CSS, TYPO3, CMS & Flash.


Grafik designer
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Thomas Färber low art Illustration Thomas Färber low art Illustration
Illustration für Werbeagenturen, Verlage und alle die aussagekräftige Bilder brauchen.
Hamburg 09.05.2019

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