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Alexa Catalin – Wedding Photographer

Alexa Catalin

Über Alexa Catalin

Photography was for me in the last few years my main activity. The poetic photography school that I graduated from changed me as a photographer and as a man. I managed to understand and see simple and complex compositions, and this is what I am looking for during the weddings too.

I am a wedding photojournalist, so I prefer not to interfere during the event, shooting also only by available light. I’m going to photograph your lifetime event quietly and discreet, recording it in a honest and truthful way. I can tell from my experience that once you’ll interfere during some special moments everything will be changed and far from natural.

The only time when I’ll get involved it will be at the photo session with the bride and groom, on the wedding day or the day after.

I am located in Berlin, but traveling is always a great pleasure so I’m available for any city in Germany or Europe.


Alexa Catalin – Wedding Photographer
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