Alexa Henry
Interior and Product Designer, Creative Editor

Alexa Henry
  • Akademischer Grad Interior and Product Des

Über Alexa Henry


My experience and perception with Interior and Product Design are of a different perspective. I always try to fulfill the most creative part to become the strongest in all my work. I would consider my work and perception for design as an aesthetic harmony to influence people and mindset. Since I became fascinated by various roots of the “Creative Process” I have also general experience in various sectors of aesthetic such as: Graphic Design, Photography and Art Crafting. My skills with various programs needed for a complete creative process is of great knowledge. The programs I manage to use skillfully are: Rhinoceros, Cinema 4D, Autocad, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word and Internet.

Skills and Competencies

1. Very responsible and organized worker.
2. I respect deadlines to avoid delays of the creativity and rhythm.
3. Great management of Teamwork but normally more self-oriented worker.
4. Self-enthusiast and researcher, and the quantity of work is not a problem for me.
5. Bring out the most creative and passionate ideas for projects
6. Great communication skills.

Extra Capacities:

I speak perfectly three languages: Spanish, English and Italian.
The basics of German.

Academic Degree:

Post Graduate degree in
Interior and product design.
Accademia Italiana di Firenze.
Firenze, FI, Italy.


Interior and Product Designer, Creative Editor
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