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BS Ali Akiplikçiler
  • Akademischer Grad BS

Über BS Ali Akiplikçiler

Birth Date : 1 June 1979
Military Obligation : Completed (between 30.11.2002 – 30.11.2003)
Marrital Status : Married (2 children)

Oct 2010 – present TurkNet İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. (Revenue Management Systems Application Development Manager), İstanbul
Management of billing, rating, invoicing, dunning, accouting operations & software development
Oct 2007 – Oct 2010 TurkNet İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. (Database and Billing Unit Manager), İstanbul
Database Management, CRM development, billing and invoicing of all services, fulfilling reporting and other
internal procedural implementation needs
Feb 2004 – Oct 2007 Netone Telecom (Database Specialist), İstanbul
Nov 2002- Dec 2003 1st Tactital Air Force (Army Information Tech Officer), Eskişehir
Producing softwares for Supply and MEBS batallions
June – Nov 2002 Sanalnet Internet Services (Web Developer), Bursa
Web Site production using PHP, MySQL, Dreamveawer and Macromedia Flash.

1997−2002 Middle East Technical University, Computer Engineering Dept. (BSc)
1990−1997 Bursa Anatolian High School

Fluent in English
Intermadiate knowledge of German

Operating Systems: Unix (Digital, Solaris), Linux(Fedora,Centos), MS Windows
Programming Languages Used In Educational Life: C, C++, Pascal, Lisp, Prolog, ML, VB, Awk
Professional Life Experience :Deplhi, ASP, Perl, VB, VB.NET, C#, Silverlight, WCF, Web API, MVC
Databases: MSSQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase
Internet: HTML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, XML, DHTML, Ajax


  • Insurance Management System, 2017- now (.net core, Web API, MVC, React Native)
  • Nova VGate Integration, 2017 (Developed in our batch service framework to prevent fraud attempts in telephony services)
  • Invoice Operation Control Dashboard, 2016−2017 (scheduled tasks, sql queries, class libraries, email alerts implemented c#)
  • EFKS/E-Arşiv Integration Projects, 2015−2017 (WCF service using HSM)
  • ATCA/Netas/Genband SBC Integration, 2015−2017 (.net windows service using Entity Framework,ms sql server)
  • MT940 Project, 2014- now (Auto transferring daily bank account transactions to the accounting software for Garanti, Akbank,Sekerbank,Finansbank banks)
  • E-Invoice Integration, 2014−2015(Integration to GİB1 Receiving/Sending e-invoices within corporate firms registered in that system)
  • Batch Service Framework, 2012-now (a Development framework : maintains easy/fast code writing for a multi service batch processing windows services. Management and reporting is done via its GUI)
  • Legal Subsystem, 2010 (Stateful system for legal follow-up of problematic customers. SMS/Email

notifications, reports, GUI’s for both internal lawyer and external solicitor’s bureau) (using, TSQL)

  • Call Center CRM, 2008-present (Web-based application used by Call Center to handle end-user (noncorporate)

customers’ telephony and XDSL1 accounts. Variety of operations can be performed for customers
such as sales, trouble ticket handling, invoice collection) (using ASP.NET,C#)

  • MNP2 Service, 2008 (File transfers and integration of this data to routing system for MNP) (using C#)
  • Call-by-call Telephony invoicing integration with TT3,2008 (using C#, TSQL)
  • GUI & Data Transfers for TİB4, 2008 (used by TİB for tracking telephony and xDSL CDRs, including

periodical data transfers) (usign ASP.NET, C#)

  • XDSL Service, 2008 (An application capable of usage calculations, quota overflow detection. It has a

submodule called DENVER which is a system for restricting customers’ internet access due to various
reasons such as missing information, unpaid invoices, missing customer documents and unclosed tickets.
Another submodule is used for session termination) (using C#, TSQL)

  • VoIP Debugging Interface, 2007 (a GUI prepared for the network department) (using ASP.NET, C#)
  • Data Replication Service, 2006 (MSSQL to PostGreSQL data transferring via a Windows service) (using


  • Invoicing System, 2006-present (generation of invoices in LOGO UNITY from debit records, file

generation that is used by the printing Company, PDF production and Email/SMS notitications) (using
XML, VBS, Windows Services, C#)

  • CRON Service, 2005-present (Execution of daily operation for customer accounts; used for reassigning

period dates for all types of services, ticket opening/closing opeations, account activation/deactivation/
termination based on payments or other type of information and debit generation for services)
(using VB.NET)

  • Post-paid VoIP & xDSL Billing, 2005-present (Carrier Grade implementaion of AAA5- manages rating,

billing, tariffs, cost analysis, free and bundle minutes, discounts, xDSL and telephony services promotional
campaigns, LCR routing, fraud detection and prevention, TT FTP integration for carrier-preselect accounts)
(using Radiator, Perl, Linux & Windows Scripts, MSSQL Integration Services, C#, PostGreSQL, TSQL,

  • MRTG6 Notification System, 2005 (Alerting, notification and data manegement system for MRTG) (using

MS SQL notication services, VB)

  • Financial Reporting System, 2004 (Implemenation of main financial reports such as balance-sheet, etc.)
  • Stock Automation, 2003 (using MS ACCESS)
  • Turkish Spell Checker (Graduation Project), June 2002 (using C++)
  • Website Performance Analyser, May 2002 (using Delphi)
  • Turkish Programming Language(TPD) Compiler, Dec 2001 (using Eli, JVM)
  • Flight Simulator, May 2001 (using openGL library)

2015- Building Web Applications with ASP.NET MVC (5 days)
2013- Scrum Fundamentals (2 days)
2011- Analysis Services Implementing and Maintaining Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services (3 days)
2008- C and System Programmers Society, C# Education (50 hours)
2006- Icon, SQL Server 2005 (20 hours)
2004- Netron, ASP.NET (20 hours)
2004- Oracle One day event (1 day)

(1) GİB (Gelir İdaresi Başkanlığı)
(2) xDSL (All types of DSL technologies)
(3) MNP (Mobile Number Portability)
(4) TT (Turkish Telecom)
(5) TİB (Telekomünikasyon İletişim Başkanlığı)
(6) AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting)
(7) MRTG (Multiple Router Traffic Grapher)


CV information
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TR-34394 Istanbul
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