Alicja Khatchikian
Photographer, Editor

Alicja Khatchikian

Über Alicja Khatchikian

I’m an anthropologist and documentary photographer working with both analog and digital techniques. I hold a Master’s Degree in Socio-Cultural Anthropology from the University of Vienna and 3.5-year professional training in photography from the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin. At the moment I am focusing on portraits with my Mamiya RZ67, but I work also on 35-mm film and digital on assignment.

I’m a quick learner and a very versatile person, good at planning and with client-oriented working experience. I function efficiently individually but am also happy when sharing my vision within a creative team. I appreciate dialogue and exchange.

I speak and work in Italian (native), Spanish, English and German.


Photographer, Editor
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