Alv Caminero
Motion Designer, Animator, illustrator.

Alv Caminero


Über Alv Caminero

I provide professional Storyboard and animatics* for audiovisual productions.

  • What is an animatic? Animatic is an animated storyboard used to help the production team get an idea of how an audiovisual product will turn out. Animatics are used to check timing and flow, as well as to determine if the stream is successfully delivering the message at the proper rate.

Product Advantages for the client:

  • Project visualization in a very early phase.
  • It allows implementing feedback and changes more quickly and effectively.
  • A fundamental tool for the work of the animator or editor.
  • Save of time and money

What about me?:

I organize workflows effectively, allowing me to create storyboards and animatics that streamline production work.

I draw and design. Which allows me to create a clear storyboard and solutions for better product communication.

I am an animator, which allows me to project achievable solutions.

Contact me for more details, availability and rates.

Erfahrung als Grafiker, Illustrator, web und Motion-Designer in Spanien, Frankreich und Deutschland.

  • Gestaltung von Entwürfen komplexer Webseiten, interaktiver Medien und Animation.
  • Blick für gutes Design
  • Schneller und effizienter Arbeitsstil, ein großes Interesse für innovatives Design sowie typografische.
  • Animationsskizzen und Storyboards, Charakterdesign, Flash und After Effects Animation und Preproduktion und Postproduktion.

Hier eine kurze Zusammenfassung meiner letzten design Berufserfahrung:
Freelance seit 2014
Razorfish, Berlin 2011−2014 – Junior Art Director Motion Designer.
Dyrdee, Berlin 2011 – Stop-motion, Postproduktion.
Milrayas, Spain 2010 – Flash und After Effects Animation, Postproduction, Illustration, print
Les chinois, Paris 2009 – Flash Animation, Storyboard, character-design, Webdesign.


Motion Designer, Animator, illustrator.
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