Amalie Warberg
Energetic, entrepreneurial, collaborative, creative Dane


Über Amalie Warberg

Energetic, entrepreneurial, collaborative, creative Dane. In Berlin since January 2015, via Copenhagen, Biarritz and London. I have a broad skill set within brand design, concept creation, editorial management, writing, events, user behaviour and sales strategies.

I did my bachelor’s degree in Experience Design followed by a degree in Event Management. For the past five years I have been working as an event coordinator, editorial manager and communication designer for some of the most innovative start-ups in Europe.

With a creative sense, an adventurous mind and a professional approach, I welcome any new opportunity. It is in my core to challenge and bring ideas to the test and I believe that working in teams is the key to reaching new heights. Ambitious, new-thinking and high-speed work environments are my motivation.


Energetic, entrepreneurial, collaborative, creative Dane
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