Raquel Goncalves
Video editor


Über Raquel Goncalves

A Portuguese currently living in Berlin and working as a senior video editor in Ruptly, a news video agency.

I’m a skilled professional with experience in creating content for social, media and digital platforms. My skills are focus on video production, communication, and graphic arts.

As a creative and storyteller, I manage to create video projects from conception to final edit and overall style. I have experience building compelling stories tailored to different markets and audiences.

I’m an optimistic and dynamic person, team player, and committed professional, always excited to be challenged and start a new project.

I have proficiency in different software applications and technical tools such as Adobe Master Collection – Premiere, After effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition, Final Cut and Motion 5.


Video editor
Anschrift Raquel Goncalves

D-10115 Berlin
Ansprechpartner Raquel Goncalves
Kontakt Persönliche Nachricht
Web www.raquelgon.com
10.10.2014 (aktualisiert )

Netzwerk von Raquel Goncalves

Homify Online GmbH & Co. KG Homify Online GmbH & Co. KG
homify bietet alles was Endkunden von der Planung bis zur Schlüsselübergabe ihres Traumhauses benötigen.
Berlin 08.01.2016

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