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3d medical animation AR / MR / VR

Anima Res GmbH


Über Anima Res GmbH

ANIMA RES is a highly specialised production company for medical visualisation.

We have committed ourselves to enrich medical content with high quality visuals on the basis of medical and scientific requirements. Our goal is to make medical education fascinating, explorable and fun for physicians, patients and universities.

As an internationally recognised expert for AR, MR and VR we work closely together with the leading tech companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google and Magic Leap.


3d medical animation AR / MR / VR
Anschrift Anima Res GmbH
Rheinwerkallee 2
D-53227 Bonn
Ansprechpartner Rodrigo Olmos
Kontakt Persönliche Nachricht
Ruf 0228 + 348729
Fax 0228 + 348751
28.05.2008 (aktualisiert )

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