Anna Horvath
Sarcasm, Illustration and Spatial Storytelling


Über Anna Horvath

I am a Berlin-based multidisciplinary designer. Passionate about narratives and graduating with an MA in Narrative Environments from Central Saint Martins—University of Arts London, I have studied furniture design, fine art and architecture.

The Berlin-based scenography studio: Chezweitz, and Event Communications, an exhibition design company in London, are both added to my CV of employment. Throughout these years I have participated in several different spatial design projects from window display for London Fashion week to furniture design workshops in Budapest and Rio de Janeiro, installations, city brandings and to game designs.

However even though design and concept development is an important part of the process for me, my strength are visualisation and illustration.

Therefore, I am able to

  • to communicate a story/idea of a spatial design (installation, architecture, furniture design, interior design, exhibition)
  • to visualise the audience interaction with the design
  • to use a wide range of illustration techniques
  • to illustrate space by using different drawing types (perspective, isometry, plan, section)

with and a great passion.

I am also happy to use my visualisation skills in different areas such as book illustration, game design, or poster design.


Sarcasm, Illustration and Spatial Storytelling
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