Anne Freude
Freelance Digital Designer (UX/UI/Branding)


Über Anne Freude

I am a freelance designer living and working in Berlin. With university degrees in business administration/marketing and communication design (B.A.) I laid my foundation of designing sleek user experiences, interfaces and brands. During the last years I worked for and in startups, agencies and medium-sized companies. Amongst others I ran through projects in the fields of e-commerce, music tech, prop tech and e-learning.
I love to consider all aspects of bringing a digital product to life. Starting with a new idea from research to concept, prototyping and testing to visual design and market launch. Always with the user and the business behind in mind. I have experience in working in agile environments and sprints, giving workshops and I am certified Scrum Product Owner (Scrum Alliance, 2019).


Freelance Digital Designer (UX/UI/Branding)
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