Applaunch offering app development services for both native and cross platform

  • Gründung 2017
  • Mitarbeiter 10—19

Über applaunch

We,at,have been working together with our clients for over 5 years to develop projects for different ideas such as dating, social media, messenger, utility, food, sharing, services, etc. Our customers are not big agencies or companies but successful entrepreneurs or start-ups with good ideas. The specificity of is in the personal touch to each individual project. We are self-founders and have developed their own app ideas. We therefore advise each of our customers in the area of ​​marketing, app performance optimization, cooperation with influenzers and much more. Anyone who develops app at will end up with a market-optimized product with a nice design and optimized handling. Throughout the development phase, our customers receive ongoing updates and suggestions for changes to prepare the app for the market. Before any app development, we work together with our customers and go through every detail of the development. Before we begin to develop, each customer gets a complete app prototype in front of a clickable design prototype. The development is only started when the app meets the exact requirements. Our customers value this approach very much and have partly implemented several projects with us. Our core areas are React Native, Ionic, Swift, Native Development and Hybrid Apps with connections to Web Browsers.


Applaunch offering app development services for both native and cross platform
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