audibene GmbH
audibene ist Europas führender Anbieter für moderne Hörgeräte.

audibene GmbH
  • Gründung 2011
  • Mitarbeiter 500—999
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Über audibene GmbH is an award-winning health tech company whose mission is selling and building cutting edge technology for hearing care devices. We started our journey in 2012 when thinking about the concept of digitalizing a very traditional industry with the goal of improving the hearing and quality of life of millions of people. Since then our team has grown massively and we now have over 700 colleagues working in 10 international locations including Miami, Toronto, Kuala Lumpur, Delhi, Seoul and others. Join us as we are working towards revolutionizing the hearing aid industry!


audibene ist Europas führender Anbieter für moderne Hörgeräte.
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D-10437 Berlin
Ansprechpartner Pia Rudnik
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09.05.2014 (aktualisiert )

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