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Babbel.com is an online learning system for learning foreign languages

Lesson Nine GmbH
  • Gründung 2007
  • Mitarbeiter 100—199

Über Lesson Nine GmbH

Are you a learner at heart? So are we. We love to challenge ourselves to learn something new every day. We use our time and space to develop ideas that make a difference. We come from all over the world and strongly believe that our diversity is our strength. Be part of our team, join us!

A place for you in our team

There are more than 250 employees and freelancers from 26 nations working at Babbel. We are developers, writers, language teachers, translators and programmers. English is our working language, although you will hear over 20 languages spoken in our offices.

Working at Babbel

At Babbel we’re driven by the challenge of developing simply the best learning product out there.

Babbel started in 2007 with eight people. Now there are 130 Babbelonians working in Berlin-Kreuzberg, and we’ve had an office in New York since March 2014. We are growing steadily and provide well-paid trainee, junior and senior positions with opportunities for career and creativity. Join us!

Learn, communicate and grow

Whenever there is something to celebrate — a birthday, a finished project, Christmas or summer — we never miss out on an opportunity to get together. We truly believe that we work better as a team if we get to know each other. And if you want to speak a new language, you can easily learn with Babbel! Every Babbelonian gets full access. When you encounter more than 20 different languages on a daily basis, the desire to learn is hard to suppress.
What’s your idea?

As an agile organization, we adapt and change quickly to incorporate new ideas. We strongly encourage you to make decisions and bring about changes to constantly improve our product. You will work in multidisciplinary teams in an environment that promotes the sharing of knowledge and learning experiences. And we want to learn, that’s why we organize workshop sessions, lunch presentations, and lectures by expert speakers. Join our hacking sessions, be part of our review meetings, or share your idea via our blogs: the Babbel Blog and the Babbel Tech Blog!


Babbel.com is an online learning system for learning foreign languages
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