Blackbill Stealth Startup

  • Gründung 2016
  • Mitarbeiter 10—19

Über Blackbill

Blackbill is a 7 digit funded stealth startup created by strong investors and experienced founders. Everybody in C level of Blackbill has built a > 50mn EUR fintech company before. We are pragmatic, fast moving and eager to go the extra mile. At the same time, we love (bad) jokes, (good) beer and, of course, fun at work. Blackbill is fast executed, data driven and will have a huge impact on the finance industry. This is the place to be if you want to learn everything from probably the most experienced fintech team out there. You should bring good humor and eagerness to learn. We bring you up to speed and show you how to explore your whole potential.


Stealth Startup
Anschrift Blackbill

D-10117 Berlin
Ansprechpartner Pia Career
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29.07.2016 (aktualisiert )

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