Juhi Sheth
Cinematographer / Small production house owner

Juhi Sheth

Über Juhi Sheth

hello there!

I am a content-making, animal-loving, caffeine-craving, earth warrior. I have 8+ years of experience creating visual content for various industries. My background is a combination of design, communications and video production.

I run BlackPepper Studio, a small production company I started in 2014. BlackPepper Studio’s clientele includes Marriott Hotels, Uber, IBM and many more. BlackPepper Studio also works with various non-profits. Through BlackPepper Studio, I got to share the story of beagles released from testing laboratories. This project continues to be close to my heart!

Most recently, I worked as a Channel Manager and Senior Video Producer for Maffick Media, getting their eco and sustainability channel Waste-Ed off the ground, and growing it to 140,000 followers on Facebook.

‘Behind The Label’, a documentary on sustainable fashion that I co-produced, and one I’m very proud of, is an official entry at the United Nations Association Film Festival, and the Los Angeles Fashion Film Festival.

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Cinematographer / Small production house owner
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