Bodhisatwa Bhattacharyya
Applying for internship/Master thesis


Über Bodhisatwa Bhattacharyya

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, pursuing Master’s degree in
Communication and Media Engineering, and hands-on experience using various
languages to create and implement software applications, I am confident I will be
an asset to your organization.
In my current role as a trainee for Neumayer Tekfor Holding GmbH an Amtek Company Group, I work as a programmer in the platform of IBM Domino Designer and as a web designer in the platform of Enterprise Information Portal. My daily work is to utilize computer programming languages in the development of a number of technical projects and assignments. This includes designing a web-based user interface, developing a security-rich collaborative and
workflow business applications. My role is also to compile applications through integration of XPages technology using JavaScript Cascading Style Sheets, Java, XML, Ajax,MySql, Sqlite and HTML technologies. As a Master student at University of Applied Science Offenburg, with project on „Interactive Media Design“ I used MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. I have good Project Management Skills and Strategic Management Skills. Previously I was a trainee in CMC Ltd. (Subsidiary of TATA Consultancy Services). As a part of„Job Enabling Live Project“ I utilized C# as a programming language and VB.Net, ASP.Net as framework and MySQL for database, sometimes used Java. I was also involved in numerous
projects such as „Online Air Ticket Reservation Portal“ organized by Oriens Infotech Pvt. Ltd.and vocational training on new dominant point extraction for face recognition from Indian Statistical Institute.Additionally as a part of my Bachelor thesis I developed a web site for„online examination system” utilizing C#, ASP.Net, and SQL Server.


Applying for internship/Master thesis
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