Bogdan Georgescu
motion grapic design, architecture, scenography design


Über Bogdan Georgescu

Bogdan Georgescu is a licensed architect.

He also has 10 years of experience in motion graphic design with both 2d and 3d software knowledge. Until now, he was designing different motion graphic packages with different themes and topics including: visual identities for diverse television programs (sport, leisure, talk-shows, documentaries) logos, jingles, bumpers, animated layouts for tertiary such as headers, loop backgrounds, mask layouts, intros and promos for documentaries, short films etc.

Bogdan also had a special interest in scenography design (8 years of experience), working for tv broadcast studios. This passion brought him special skills for artistic and effect details, which he also started to use successfully in my architectural projects.


motion grapic design, architecture, scenography design
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