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Will Cade

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I’m a storyteller. Nothing excites me more than recognizing the stories that need to be told, the medium in which they beg to be told, and the creative team waiting to tell them.

As a native English speaker with fluent German, I have worked on international media projects spanning five continents. My freelance and in-house experience ranges from Corporate Communications and Content Marketing to Lifestyle Magazines and Online News.

With a focus on technology, I am just as comfortable writing in-depth magazine articles, copywriting and copy editing for a global audience, or screenwriting for international film and video. Using agile project management, I have developed a global content strategy to increase revenue by 50% in the first 100 days. And I base my business model on delivering quality that is reliable, scalable, and sustainable.

If you would like to learn what this could mean for you and your organization, I would be happy to hear from you.


Writer | Editor | International Media Consultant
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