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I am staying Deutschland now, and my career is freelance graphic designer (focus on Illustration, packaging, visual identity and info graphic. I have taken the working visa that could let me stay Germany during this year. So I would like to find some freelance graphic design job. And If any agency have the job and need some marketing promotional. I wish you all let me know and have a conversation about what you need.

I born on Hong Kong, I have been design field around 4 years. At Hong Kong, My career is Visual Merchandiser (Fashion) the job duties about : 1. Set up window display and decorate the theme, following the company’s guideline to make the display consistency of all store of the brand 2. Arrange the VM Guideline and calender. 3. Liaise the supplier and third party company ( purchase the art items and materials for decorate the store) those of duties are my responsible with my previous job.

At that time I am very interest in work with other people who come from European. Because this is my golden opportunity for me to gain the valuable experience and eyes wide open. Truthfully, Hong Kong is the small place that are not able to let me develop my career and make more.

The frequently language I speak and use: English (Advance), German (Basic) Cantonese (Expert).


About my career
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