Claudia Meinardus
Illustratorin und Grafikdesignerin


Über Claudia Meinardus

I’m Claudia, an Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Hamburg, Germany.
While it used to be my dream to become big in fashion, at some point I realized that I enjoyed the designing part more than the sewing part.

A few years ago I realized how much fun I had creating digital illustrations. It all started with self-portraits and quickly became something I did for other people, as gifts for themselves or their loved ones. My style changed a lot and now it feels more and more like me. I never liked getting into photo-realistic art, thinking about whether proportions or light and shadow made sense the way I did it. I like to take reality with a grain of salt. I love the roundness and playfulness that goes into my art and how happy it makes me to look at a finished piece.

I’m a person of many interests with a big urge to grow and educate myself. I long to work with people who are as open-minded, kind, and tolerant as I am. It fuels me to help others gain confidence, thrive, and excel in whatever they’re passionate about. I believe in a world without discrimination against race, gender, religion, sexuality, social status, and disabilities. I will always stand behind these values and I wish the same for my workplace and the people I work with.
I enjoy a good challenge so don’t hesitate to pitch me your ideas and goals for your next project!


Illustratorin und Grafikdesignerin
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