Claudine Németh
Experienced International Hairstylist & Make Up Artist – Fotoshootings, TV Werbung

Claudine Németh

Über Claudine Németh

Claudine Németh
is a creative and inspiring personality,
working as a freelance Hairstylist and Make Up Artist.

Claudine has a passion for flawless, clean skin and is known for detailed creativity.

Born and raised in Stuttgart (South of Germany),
the German – Hungarian Artist has found her passion in arts during her early childhood, within jazz dancing and playing saxophone.
Ever since she can relay on it as an art loving, creative person.

After finishing her three year hairdressing education and with completing her Make Up Artistry training, Claudine decided spreading her wings to the world.

Over the past ten years Claudine has gained experience and improved her skills living and working in Europe, Australia and South Africa.

She calls the world her home and is seasonal based in Cape Town and Germany.

REF: Porsche Superbowl TVC 2020, Renault, Kiri TVC, L’Occitane, AMOSTYLE by TRIUMPH (Campaigne SS2019), F&F TESCO (Campaigne SS2019), Uhlsport, Stihl, Nike Germany, Adidas South Africa, Zalando, Hey Soho, Kragnart, White Wall, Jet Fashion South Africa, Poetry, Old Khaki, Auchan, ENNA Style, …

  • Kein Brautsytling – No bridal Hair and Make Up


Experienced International Hairstylist & Make Up Artist – Fotoshootings, TV Werbung
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