Constantin Gerlach
Professional freelance Photographer, based in Berlin

Constantin Gerlach


Über Constantin Gerlach

Hej, I’m Constantin, nice to meet you.

My career started with an apprenticeship in Media Design and a couple years working as a graphic designer in Frankfurt / Main, before I moved to Berlin and gratuated as Bachelor of Arts in Photography from the „Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule“

Since 2014 I’m working as a freelance Photographer and Designer in Berlin and all over Europe.

My Style is authentic and graphical with a fine sense for details. I love the unique quality of available light, which I use to tell visual stories with my photographic work. I believe in simplicity and the truth of
„less is more.“

In my free time, I discover the world on my bicycle, brew specialty coffee or am on the road for my personal project: „onthenorway“.


Professional freelance Photographer, based in Berlin
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