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Englischer kreativer Texter, konzeptioneller Denker, Brand Lover


Über Daniel Geal

I’m an English-speaking senior copywriter with over 10 years’ experience writing copy for some world-famous brands. Originally from Brighton & Hove in the UK, I’m currently based in Cologne, Germany and work for many of my clients remotely. I’m also fluent in German and understand the need for high-quality transcreation too. Yes I’m a word nerd but writing copy isn’t about me trying to prove how great I am at writing. It’s about helping my client connect with their customers in their voice. Whatever the subject, whatever the medium, there’s nothing better than taking a brief and delivering results end customers can connect with. There’s more to this than just words alone though: you need a copywriter who also comes with ideas. A copywriter whose creative juices flow both when working as part of a team as well as when working alone. I am that copywriter.


Englischer kreativer Texter, konzeptioneller Denker, Brand Lover
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