M.A. Kristin Sammann
Founder & Senior Event Manager at Cottage Tent Event | Translator, Post-Editor | Creating event experiences with a personal…

M.A. Kristin Sammann

Über M.A. Kristin Sammann

If you’re interested in turning your event into an experience, have a meeting you wish to lead to new ideas, or want to reinforce networking in an inspiring atmosphere – then I’m your lady.

I love working with creative minds at large companies that are looking to escape anonymity, which comes with size, to build real connections and relationships with colleagues as well as customers.

Through my event planning services, I strive to encourage my clients deliver their message with a personal touch, to stand out with their brand and become more relatable.

I help product managers, project managers, managing assistants, and corporate event managers just like you:

  • Professional Event Planning: organizing events and meetings that surpass expectations, I’m the professional event planner at your side, behind the scenes, wherever you need me.
  • SENSEful Event Planning: making your guests feel, think, act, and relate to your company, an event experience for all five senses.
  • One-Stop Meeting Planning: from start to finish and even beyond, I’m your efficient all-in-one manager planning, negotiating, and coordinating suppliers for you.
  • Expertise Throughout Europe: finding the perfect location for your meeting anywhere in Europe, save time and benefit from my international event expertise.

9+ years of event experience leading teams of 3−20 staff members. I managed 200+ projects including conference, meeting, training, fair, concert, theater, comedy/show, celebration, incentive trip. I am a highly experienced organizer with analysis & problem solving skills, intercultural competence, open-minded with a quick grasp when learning new tasks and processes, working proactive, detail-oriented, able to handle stress and an excellent and very scrupulous proofreader.

Do you want your guests to dive into an experience or enter an anonymous event space? Long-lasting impact or yet another meeting?

Today the experience wins over the simple meeting, and catering to the individual’s needs will leave a positive, long-lasting impression. I’m totally in to make this happen. Does anyone want to join me?

Changing lives, one event at a time.

#CreatingExperiences #ExperientialEvents #EveryoneIsImportant #EventsWithASmile #InspiringAtmosphere

I have previously lived in Recife/Brazil, Barcelona/Spain, Sheffield/UK, and Hamburg/Germany. Presently I am based in Malta.


Founder & Senior Event Manager at Cottage Tent Event | Translator, Post-Editor | Creating event experiences with a personal touch.
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