Carlos Cursaro
3D-Artist, Light & Rendering, VFX, Maya, Max, Arnold, Vray

Carlos Cursaro


Über Carlos Cursaro

I am a lighting artist with years of experience. With my knowledge and creativity, I know that my job and obligation during the process of working on a project is being able to provide support and expertise in making a film come to life and telling a story. With my skills and experience working on many projects, I am able to manipulate and edit light, shadow and colors to bring emotions into an image. I light and render images, making them part of the vision for the project. I provide skills, ideas and support in finding a new direction for the project when requested by the director, supervisor and teams working on the project.

My software skills:
Maya / 3Ds-Max / Vray / Arnold / Houdini / MotionBuilder / Substance Painter / Xens motion capture / Nuke / After Effects

More about me:
I have many years of experience as a 3D-Artist. I am able to optimize pipelines, solve problems from small workarounds to a complete replacement of complex special effects. Supporting and helping the team down to the smallest detail, in the pursuit of an excellent product or end result is very important to me. I enjoy working in a team where we are able to share our ideas and opinions. I believe working as a team increases the quality of the work and the project. My strengths are positive thinking, being highly motivated, and looking for solutions in many unexpected ways. Being able to take a step back and think out of the box.


3D-Artist, Light & Rendering, VFX, Maya, Max, Arnold, Vray
Anschrift Carlos Cursaro
Schulze Delitzsch Straße 5
D-50968 Köln
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Funk 0049 1577 4101608
17.03.2005 (aktualisiert )

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Ingo Pelmer
Freelancer für Animation, Motion Design, Generative Grafik, Interactive Media, AfterEffects
Köln 08.04.2009

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