Daniel Camen
Sound Designer, Camera Assistant, Photographer.


Über Daniel Camen

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Daniel Camen; I am 26 years old, originally from Melbourne Australia and also currently hold a Maltese citizenship and European passport. Since a good year, I have lived with my German girlfriend in Australia and now I dedicate myself a new challenge, coexistence in Germany.

I believe I have excellent communication skills, tremendous drive and capacity to get jobs done which is combined with a strong customer service experience and strong work ethic.

Since my childhood, I have been very interested in music and electronic music. Since then I have followed my passion and ventured deep into music and sound productions which has taken me on a amazing journey to keep learning and advancing my skills through courses in Australia and the USA, as well as various video projects. During my three-month ‘Ableton and sound production course’ in Los Angeles, I got the opportunity to be part of a film production company ‘P&L Media’, which was great to discover and accomplish work as a camera assistant, dubbing and sound recorder. This aroused great interest to me, which is why I would like to take this opportunity to further my experience in the gaming and film industry.

I bring a high level of performance and a very positive open work ethic on all possible tasks and projects. I am very happy to work in a team environment or deeply on my own to achieve set goals in a timely matter. This furthermore comprises of my quick thinking ability, initiative, accuracy, creativity and flexibility to do so.

I am willing to help in whichever way I can (internship) etc. I really want to get the opportunity to express what I can achieve. If opportunities involve relocation, I am certainly for it.

  • Lizenzfreie Sounds: www4.zippyshare.com/v/aplvenwv/file.html
  • Kurzfilm: vimeo.com/127337724 PW: CTB2015
  •  Persönliche Website: nemac.portfoliobox.net


Sound Designer, Camera Assistant, Photographer.
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