Daniela Torres Z.
Professional Photography & Digital Marketing


Über Daniela Torres Z.

I was born in Ecuador 30 years ago. Studied Advertising Communication, Graphic Design and Photography in Universidad San Francisco de Quito. I worked as a creative director for a year and a half in one of the biggest Ad Agencies in Quito. Then I ran my own studio for audiovisual production and had the opportunity to work along the best producers in the country. Two years ago, my husband and I started a digital and audiovisual agency: Musubi Films. Our little agency was in charge of digital marketing, strategies and content for amazing start ups; it also developed documentary material for clients such as ONU. My passion is photography and have worked as a professional photographer for major brands in Ecuador. I’m also a big fan of analog photography, using it for her personal work and individual form of expression.


Professional Photography & Digital Marketing
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