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We are Deposit Solutions, the first and only Open Banking platform for deposits.

Deposit Solutions
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Über Deposit Solutions

We aren’t jumping on the Open Banking trend. We are pioneers and have delivered Open Banking long before it became a hot topic. Since 2011, we’ve been connecting banks across Europe to solve problems for them. And for their customers. This is how it goes: Our technology connects two types of banks. First, banks that want to offer their customers attractive deposit products, not necessarily of their own balance sheets. Secondly, banks that are looking for retail deposit funding but don’t want to set up expensive retail infrastructures. Both types of banks can easily connect to our platform and either source deposits from new markets and client groups or easily offer third-party deposit products to their own customers. Savers, in turn, gain fuzz-free access to a choice of attractive deposit offers – without having to continuously switch bank accounts.

This is revolutionary. We radically improve the customer experience for millions of bank customers. For banks, our platform is an easy way to become“Open”. Not just through a nice-to-have app or a polished front end. But in form of a deep, value-creating innovation that builds new capabilities and enables growth. The core of all this is our proprietary technology platform, which is continuously expanded and further developed. For this, we need brilliant minds who want to drive innovation, develop new features, throw in ideas and ultimately push our technology to the next level.


We are Deposit Solutions, the first and only Open Banking platform for deposits.
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